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Riding Weather


Weather Report - Conditions for Grass Valley, CA at 6:14 am PDT
Currently 73°F
High 90°F
Low 62°F

2 Day Forecast
Tue Sunny
High: 90°F Low: 62°F
Wed Sunny
High: 87°F Low: 63°F
Thu Sunny
High: 86°F Low: 61°F
Fri Sunny
High: 87°F Low: 59°F
Sat Sunny
High: 87°F Low: 59°F
More Current Condition Details
High 90°F
Low 62°F
Wind Chill 73°F
Wind Speed 7 mph
Wind Direction 100
Sunrise 6:33 am
Sunset 7:32 pm
Latitude 39.22
Longitude -121.06

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Home of the Motherlode Dualsport Therapy Group
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About Us

Motherlode Dualsport is just a group of guys who like to ride motorcycles. We're not a real "therapy group", regardless of how much psychological benefit we get from the sport.

Anyone is welcome on our regular rides - or post a ride yourself and hopefully someone can join you. Check the forum for Upcoming Rides. Make sure your bike is in good shape, and you're wearing protective gear.

As you might have noticed, our motto is "Shut Up and Ride!" In practice, we do a LOT of the latter, but NONE of the former.

We'll see you online, or on the trails!

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September 02, 2014
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